For Everything There Is a Season…


Autumn leaves

The smell of freshly baked bread. Football. Jeans and sweatshirts. Back to school. Not flip-flops. HaHa! How is it that these are the things on my mind? Fall is the air. I can feel it. I’m having a harder time explaining that feeling though, especially because I am the one who loves summer. It seems I am in search of a long, hot summer day nine months out of the year, and when summer comes, I never want it to end. I love the lazy days. I love that all the horses are not in the barn needing to be fed, but rather out in the pasture, grazing. I cherish the days when my two teenage boys say, “Mom, let’s go to the creek and go swimming.” My garden is flourishing… and my war with the grasshoppers is on! Our lawn that we’ve worked so hard for came in so well this year and is now in constant need of watering. Ahhh, summer! Bare feet in the grass. Cooking outdoors on the grill. No homework!! I spend many a waking hour wondering what it would be like to have days like this every day… if winter would never come! I can only imagine it to be blissful! So why the thoughts of fall?

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