Running toward Jesus


One of the books I’m reading is Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I am currently in a chapter called, “Your Best Life… Later”.  I’ve typed a bit of this chapter out for you… here, have a read:

“What does running toward Christ and pursuing Love look like in daily life?

The best place I know to look is in Scripture; here we gather wisdom and study the examples of those who followed God wholeheartedly.  The best passage is probably Hebrews 11, a chapter often called the “hall of faith.”  It is tempting to assume that the people listed there were super human, or supersaints, and that you and I could never do the kinds of things they did.  … Continue reading “Running toward Jesus”

Just a little peek inside….

You’re treading on scary ground going here, you know that, right?  Hehe!  I’m only kidding.  Don’t be afraid, come on back… don’t run away!  I have no idea how to title this entry… but a peek inside my head is what it is, so here goes… (hang on, haha!)    Continue reading “Just a little peek inside….”