Just a little peek inside….

You’re treading on scary ground going here, you know that, right?  Hehe!  I’m only kidding.  Don’t be afraid, come on back… don’t run away!  I have no idea how to title this entry… but a peek inside my head is what it is, so here goes… (hang on, haha!)   

1.  I don’t know if you all watch The Voice on TV.  It’s a singing competition, and in the initial stages, the singers go on stage and sing to the BACK of the judges.  If they are doing a great job, the judges can press their button and their chairs will turn around and they can then see who they’ve chosen.  But check this out:  the singers sang 100 percent better once they were picked!  Their first steps on stage, the first word they sang… you could almost feel the nerves.  With my absolute inability to sing what-so-ever, I can’t even imagine how scary that must be!  As their act goes on, you can see them “warming up” and the nerves beginning to fade a bit.  But as soon as they see the first chair starting to turn, it seems as if all nerves pass away completely and they’re off!  It gave them confidence!  We all want to be chosen, right?  … To be wanted, valued…  and when we feel that, it’s easier to do what we are meant to do.  God wants us, He has from the very beginning!  Stand up tall, let His light shine thru you, because beautiful child of the Most High God, YOU ARE LOVED & CHOSEN & WANTED!!

2.  One of my favorite quotes:   “Just because you “have” a doctor, doesn’t mean you are in a state of “ultra-healthiness”… just because you have a church or a pastor doesn’t mean you are in a state of “ultra-holiness”.  God looks on the heart of a man!  You can not fool God with a fig-leaf of theology, a fig-leaf of church attendance, or a fig-leaf of “service” within the “church”.  Are you in love with “being a good Christian” or are you in love with Jesus?? ~it’s the difference between religion and relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior… we gotta stop going to church and start BEING the church!!”   from BonHoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy  by Eric Metaxas

I absolutely looooove this!  I don’t think anything else needs to be said!  🙂

3.  (don’t worry, this one’s a little less deep, haha!)  “Get the dead ends cut off”… that’s what I told my hairdresser I had come to do that day. The thought after those words come out of my mouth was that that’s what I need to do with my God… allow Him to cut the dead ends off. He’s able…. So very able… but I have to come to Him. I can’t expect Him to come chasing after me with his proverbial “scissors” any more than I can expect Dianne to call me up and tell me, “Tracy, I’ll be at your house on Tuesday at 10AM to cut the dead ends off.” But the minute I made an appt with her, walked into her shop, she was ready and able to do what was needed to my hair. God is more than ready and willing… make your appt today!

4. Unload your mind to me… I get the picture of our digital camera or memory card on my phone being full of pictures… I connect it to my computer, remove the pictures and the “memory” is wiped clean. We have to bring our problems, our thoughts, our daily activities to God in this way. Remember, Jesus never ever asked us to carry our own burdens but rather offered to carry them for us. When our memory is full on our phone or our camera or our computer, it doesn’t work right. It’s slower and has no capacity to be what it is created to be and do. Sound familiar?

5.  Another quote:  “Settle this in ur heart:  whether I am up or down, the Lord Jesus is the same.  Whether I sing or sigh, the promise is true & the Promiser is faithful.  Whether I stand on the summit or am hidden in the vale, the covenant stands fast & everlasting love abides.”  Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  That is so amazing!  I’m so thankful to my Lord, for not being moody, for not letting circumstances change His mind or His heart.

See, that wasn’t so bad!  :o)  Have a BLESSED day everyone!


One thought on “Just a little peek inside….

  1. You are as good of awriter as you are at telling stories and keeping a persons interest peaked. Great Work Trac!!


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