For the joy set before Him…


I love how our Lord is always there with us, even during a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip!

I woke up a bit sore and stiff. Maybe I AM getting a bit older, ha!  Maybe I was lying in an odd position for too long. Maybe a change in the weather was on the horizon… who knows?!  I got up and did the “my legs and hips hurt” shuffle all the way to the bathroom.

Confession time:  moments like these make me angry!  I could list a myriad of reasons all the way from self-pity to hatred of the devil. I was not about to accept this pain this night!!  I literally wanted to swing my fists at something, as if connecting with a physical enemy might fix a possible spiritual problem.

On my way back to the warmth and comfort of my bed, I asked Jesus how He didn’t get mad as He was carrying the tree He was about to be crucified on up the steep hill of Golgotha.  After all He had recently endured, how did He not lash out and begin swinging His fists and screaming at those watching and those causing Him pain?

I very distinctly heard these words, “Who, for the joy set before Him, ENDURED the cross.”


I almost dropped to my knees.  What an amazing Savior we serve.  I rushed back to my bed and began jotting down this note.  I didn’t want to miss or forget a word of this mid-night conversation with my Lord:

“My LORD. My Lord. When I asked how You didn’t get angry from the pain, how You didn’t lash out and get angry… You answer me with, ‘For the joy set before Him, endured the cross.’?!   You were carrying the FULL weight of sin. You were carrying the full weight of our sicknesses and pains.  You were separated from Father because of our stubbornness, rejection, and sin.

for the joy set before YOU?  Me…  A relationship with me?  The one who gets too busy… the one who mindlessly thinks she can handle things she can’t and forgets to include you?  Lord… I love you.  Thank You.  Thank You more than I can say. I love You so much!

You are not our janitor. You are not a wishing well!  YOU are The King of kings and LORD of lords.  You are my Savior. You are my Abba Daddy. You loved me when I hated you. You died for me knowing the hurt and pain I would cause to others.  You chose me.  Lord, help me to serve You better!  Help me to be what You made for me to be.”

People!  The joy set before Him… that is you and me!  That joy is the relationship Jesus desires to have with YOU!  Ponder on this… Jesus loved us so much and desired to do whatever it took so that He could spend eternity with you and me!!  Please, MAKE time for Him everyday.  Push everything else aside until you’ve had your time with Him!!!


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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