How Deep Are Your Roots?

Deep Roots

This is an old story.  About new life.  About roots.  About false appearances.  About growth.
It’s almost Spring here in our part of the country.  We haven’t really had Winter, so there is an eerie feeling of what’s to come.  I am not sure if I should expect that we are going to have cold and snowy late-Winter, early-Spring storms or if this is “it”… all we’re going to see of this so-called Winter.  I am not really complaining; I’ve loved our mild winter with its Spring-like days of sunshine and mild temperatures.  But as I got up this morning and looked outside into my yard, I was reminded of how much moisture we need and are going to need when the hot, blistery days of summer arrive.
And that’s when I saw my trees.  Small shrubs, is more like it, I guess.  In my front yard are 4 trees.  They were planted by my mother-in-law years and years ago.  I am guessing close to 30 years for sure.  I have been a part of this family for nearly 25 years and they were here when I got here!  My husband and I moved back into this house where he was raised in 1995.  I had a brown thumb then, haha!  Or maybe no thumb!!  Ok, that’s not possible… so yeah, brown.  What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t have a gardening gene in my body, or so I thought. When I looked into what was then a field with 4 little bushes and a drive way, I didn’t care if things lived or died.  (Plant things I mean, that sounded harsh!)  I didn’t want flowers, I didn’t care about those little bushes; I figured the wild prairie-type grass that was growing on its own was good enough. And as far as the trees were concerned, I figured if they had the strength and willpower to live on their own, kudos to them.  They were welcomed to it.  As life continued on and I grew up a bit more, I realized that my love of gardening just hadn’t blossomed yet. (Pun intended, haha!)  And if I gave it an honest thought, I knew better.  My family could grow flowers and veggies out of a rock.  As a child, some of my best memories were about my grandpa’s garden.  Everyone I know in my family is some type of master gardener.  I was doomed!!  Haha!  … Continue reading “How Deep Are Your Roots?”