Climb that mountain!!

This is an older post, but I had to share it anyway….

Well, my plan was workout on my elliptical today, but it was so beautiful outside, I just had to go for a walk. Who’d have thought it would be so nice and beautiful in the month of January where I live that I could go outside and walk… Thank YOU MY LORD!! I have this same walk that I do… it’s hard. We live right under a buffalo jump and everywhere behind our house up near the barn is uphill. But, once you get up there, there are the gorgeous Rocky Mtns so clear and awesome! How anyone canNOT see God in them I don’t know… Going up those hills is hard. There are a few that even my boys, who are in INCREDIBLE shape, can’t walk upright to get to the top. There are 3 that I have to stop at least once on each hill just to catch my breath. I noticed today that I always turn and face downhill when I do have these short rest periods… 1. because I’m looking down at our Ranch… the house, barns, shop, basketball court… horses… all of it! BUT 2. God reminded me that when we’re facing “mountains” in our life that we must look back on those times He’s already brought us thru. Continue reading “Climb that mountain!!”